In 1974 CASIO entered the world of wrist watches very confidently with its products because they already get success in Casio calculators. They have the best cutting edge technology in that times even in today’s. When they introduced the first watch for men they make the revolution in the watch industry because digital watches are just developed. On the other hand Casio has the technology and man power to enter into new business. They launch the new watch band name G-SHOCK.
This g-shock watch is fully black in color with various features like alarm,stopwatch,LED-Light and many more. This watch is perfectly a Law enforcement watch because it is fully black in color and our law enforcement officers were demanding this type watch which they can wear with their uniform without any hesitation. It comes with the in built solar rechargeable battery. It goes upto 7 months without any single charge and for recharging ti uses light not only sun light any type of light. When the light hits the face of watch the solar cell in the dial becomes active and start charging the battery but the time of charging is based on the source of the light that hits the solar cell.
The watch has automatic light function, it automatically turn on the watch light when you turned the watch towards yourself. Mode of operation is based on the Japanese Quartz movement technology. This technology is best in the world for its high accuracy and reliability. The LED screen displays the dual time on the same screen in two portions with the day window. Officers normally have black color or any other dark color uniform and this watch is suitable with dark color uniforms. The watch gains high reputation among all other competitors. The customers review tells that the high percentage of watch owners like the watch with no any complaints and suggestions. There are few owners who suggest some changes they which are good according to them but not good for others.

The Casio G-SHOCK tough solar digital black resin sport watch is better performer in all types of conditions from soft to extreme. The watch is light in weight and affordable for everyone. The all black color make it more useful for black color lovers and officers. Features like alarm, led light, stop watch, dual time display, world clock, auto back light and many more make it more demanding in watch lovers. You can also check best mens watches under 500 here.

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